Happy July!

IMG_1757Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays and next to December, July is my favorite month.  The stories of my youth tell of a time when we packed up the Volvo station wagon and headed to St. Teresa Beach leaving all worries behind us for a month.  We would stay with my Godparents in a beach cottage that had no air conditioning but no one seemed to mind.  The dads would commute to their respective veterinary practices and the moms, both teachers, were just as free as the children to enjoy the beauty of the beach that to this day remains untouched.  Some of my fondest memories are the meals.  I must give credit to my Godmother for my love of pastrami on homemade rye and black beans and rice.  I can still smell the bread baking in the little galley kitchen feeling so special that she would take the time to make breads for us. I remember the black beans soaking all day for the bed of black beans and rice that would be covered with whatever fish the boys had caught that day.
Julys are filled with a bit more responsibility these days but one thing that remains is my love for homemade meals, particularly in the summer when things seem to slow down a little and meals with family and friends occur more frequently.  My homemade rye bread recipe is now my homemade sprouted rye bread recipe and both my black beans and my rice are richer in flavor due to being sprouted. I love the sense of comfort I get from making meals from scratch for the people I love, particularly those that include homemade bread. I will be sharing these and other recipes this month on our To Your Health FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest pages. Please be sure you are connected.  ​​

I hope you are able to take time this month to cook family and friends and celebrate all the freedoms that we are so blessed with in this country.
To help in the July celebration, To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. will be offering TYH $1.00 shipping on all orders of 15 lbs. or more July 1st-July 31st!


TYH $1.00 shipping will include domestic orders only.  One address per order.  No wholesale orders.  TYH $1.00 shipping begins at 7am on July 1st and ends at 11pm on July 31st.



TYH $1.00 Shipping on All Orders of 15lbs or More!

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