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Early next month Kashi® will unveil the new box design for their Organic Promise® Sprouted Grains cereal made with To Your Health sprouted grains. In honor of the event, we thought we would share a little insight as to how our relationship with Kashi came to be.


Every year at Kashi, the research and development team does a “show and tell” of sorts on ideas they have been working over the past year. The ideas presented at this meeting often evolve into product launches for the brand and allow the Kellogg’s CEO and management team to get a look at various industry trends being examined in R &D. At the annual meeting held in 2015, a member of the R&D team presented research done on Healthy Flour’s organic sprouted grains and pitched the idea for a sprouted grains cereal as part of their Organic Promise® line of breakfast foods. The CEO of Kellogg’s loved the idea and insisted they move to launch the cereal sooner than later.


From there the marketing team at Kashi went to work connecting the dots with Healthy Flour, flew down to Fitzpatrick, Alabama to the Healthy Flour headquarters and the relationship was born. After their initial visit to Healthy Flour headquarters, the team decided there would be no better way to market the cereal than by putting owner/founder Peggy Sutton’s picture and the Healthy Flour story smack dab on the back of the box.


The product officially launched nationwide in August 2015 across various grocery store chains and has recently been added to Whole Foods shelves in their top 5 largest regions. Kashi recognizes the growing demand for sprouted grain products and looks forward to a lasting relationship with Healthy Flour as they continue to add more sprouted products to their product portfolio.



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