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Fitzpatrick, Ala. – To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. continues to impact the food industry globally by announcing the recent implementation of a validated >5-log reduction lethality step in their sprouting process. This lethality step reduces microorganisms while maintaining all the benefits and functionality of their sprouted products.


“Our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality organic sprouted grains and flours remains our top priority. We at To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. want to assure our customers that our products continue to meet the highest standards in safe, quality food. We are very pleased to provide our new Healthy Flour Organic Wash® process as a value-added advantage to our customers who are making raw ready-to-eat products and want to be assured that the integrity of the sprouted ingredients in their product has not been damaged by heat or chemicals,” said Founder and President Peggy Sutton.


Healthy Flour Organic Wash® is an effective lethality step for raw ready-to-eat products. This organic process increases the food safety assurance of all sprouted ingredient needs. Healthy Flour’s new process is unique because it is accepted by the NOP and does not use heat or chemicals. This step assures that your sprouted products will not denature or reduce in functionality.


“Our new organic wash process greatly enhances our food safety assurance to our customers,” Sutton said. A pioneer in the sprouted grains industry, Healthy Flour has been in business over 11 years and is currently the world’s largest producer of organic sprouted grains and flours. Healthy Flour Organic Wash® is another example of the company’s dedication to quality control and maintaining the integrity of sprouted products in this ever-growing field.

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