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Choosing a Sprouted Flour Brand That's Right for You

By Peggy Sutton, Founder of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.


Is your brand of sprouted flour truly sprouted?

With the increasing demand for sprouted grain products, there are several new sprouted grain brands on the market today. Without national standards to determine what makes a grain a sprouted grain, you should be assured your brand is truly sprouting their flour.


Is your sprouted flour brand much cheaper than some of the other brands on the market?

Truly sprouted flour at To Your Health is a 3-4 day process from unsprouted grains to sprouted flour. Because of the time it takes to reach completion of germination, truly sprouted flour is more expensive than regular flour. Organic sprouted flour adds another factor to the cost, but assures your flour is free from harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.


Can you recognize a notable improvement in taste and digestibility in your brand of sprouted flour?

Two of the biggest benefits to sprouted flour are the fabulous taste with the elimination of bitterness that unsprouted flour commonly delivers. The reduction of phytates and anti-nutrients allows your body to easily digest sprouted flour without adverse reactions that can be common with unsprouted flour.


Do you know how the manufacturers of your brand of sprouted flour sprout their grains?

Transparency is everything when it comes to trusting a brand. You should be able to get a very thorough explanation from your sprouted flour manufacturer. Check out their website for information about their sprouting process, or call their customer service department.


Is your sprouted flour brand certified organic and whole grain?

You should consider consuming good clean sprouted flour that is free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GM grains. Whole grain sprouted flours like those found on healthyflour.com are best because none of the grain’s nutrients or fiber have been removed.


Did you know that the FDA does not regulate what percentage of sprouted grains must be in sprouted products in order to call them sprouted?

There are hundreds of sprouted products on the market today, but when you check the ingredients, the sprouted portion is seldom the first ingredient. Be sure the sprouted products you buy contain all sprouted grain ingredients to reap the benefits of eating sprouted grains, even your brand of flour.


How long has your brand of sprouted flour been on the market?


Only a couple of sprouted flour companies have been hard at work truly sprouting their flour for the last ten to twelve years. Most of the sprouting companies today are new on the scene, and many of the new sprouters don’t sprout their grains in-house. Be sure your sprouted flour brand is a truly sprouted flour manufacturer. Healthy Flour sprouted products have been on the market since 2006. You can read more about us here: About Us


Do you know what food safety standards your brand of sprouted flour follows in the making of their product?

You should be informed of the safety standards that  companies implement in the manufacture of the foods you feed your family. Do they have any certifications? Are they FSMA, SQF, GMP, or NOP certified? What’s their score? In addition to our True Sprout Certified guarantee, several of our certifications can be found here: Certifications


Eat healthy and enjoy good health! Happy Baking from the sproutastic family at HealthyFlour.com!

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