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How to Adapt A Wheat Bread Recipe to Spelt

Reprinted from www.resurgentgrains.com. Check them out for great recipes.

Gluten in spelt is very different than the gluten in wheat - spelt gluten is very sensitive. To bake great bread with spelt adjust your wheat bread recipes this way:

  • Use 25% less water
  • Mix dough slowly, gently and only for a short time. Do not over mix! The spelt dough will be slightly sticky when it's ready for the oven.

Baking with Sprouted Einkorn Flour

This fabulous "original" wheat flour (Hasn't been hybridized. Considered an ancient grain.) has a fluffy texture, similar to a pastry flour, but requires reduction of liquid in your recipe by one tablespoon per cup of Sprouted Einkorn Flour.

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