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We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary in September of this year with the grand opening of a new building. HealthyFlour.com has come a long way in the last ten years and as we approach this milestone, we are taking a moment to celebrate “ten years of goodness”, both in the products we produce every day and all the ways our growth has allowed us to give back to our community.


HealthyFlour.com started in 2006 when Owner/Founder Peggy Sutton began seeking ways to return to traditional food preparation, when heart disease and cancer were rare. After doing extensive research, Sutton uncovered the long-standing tradition of sprouting grains to maximize nutritional benefits and improve digestion. Fascinated by the process and astounded by the great taste of sprouted vs. un-sprouted bread – the company was born.


Since our first year in business, HealthyFlour.com has grown from $8,500 in sales during the first year to over $4 million. We are proud to complete our 3rd expansion in July increasing our production from 50,000 pounds per week to 120,000 pounds with space to grow even more. We are creating jobs in our local community, currently employing 35 people in rural Fitzpatrick Ala.-the equivalent of 945 jobs in the adjoining county. Our expansion and completion of our new building scheduled to be operational in July will allow us to employ another 15-20 people in our local community.


1Other community projects we are excited to be a part of include the Montessori teaching garden, where children learn how to grow their own food and live healthy lifestyles. We are helping advocate for youth recreation and education opportunities through our partnership with the Y.C. Nance Sports Complex in Union Springs, Ala.
On a statewide level, HealthyFlour.com is leading efforts to provide farmers in Alabama with organic grains to help offset the cost of feed. We continue to be strong advocates for the growth of organic farming in Alabama.


These are a few of the ways HealthyFlour.com is working hard to honor our original mission– to create and encourage a healthier way of life and to make a positive difference in the world. Here’s to a great past 10 years, and continuing the traditions of success in the future!


TOP IMAGE: Peggy Sutton with Healthy Flour's first sprout machine we had designed and built, which is still in operation. We will have 16 in the new facility and eventually 30!

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