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Referring to his first attempt to bake bread with sprouted flour – “…I tasted quite possibly the best 100% whole wheat bread I’d ever had. No sugar or honey, no oil, no pre-ferment, and no long, extended fermentation – just flour, water, salt, and yeast. Suddenly, the artisan playbook no longer applied, and this was just my first attempt.” – Peter Reinhart, renowned baking author of Bread Revolution and instructor

YOU are the BEST in my book! 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed gluten intolerant, there were NO gluten free products to buy except for one loaf of gluten free bread for $10.00, in a "hippie" health food store that sold crystals - and the bread weighed 5 lbs and tasted like dirt - I threw it out after one bite! Today the products have never been so plentiful and they keep coming - so from one totally gluten free gal, I shout a big, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" for all the hard work and effort you and your company have put into making gluten free products available for us all!! YOU are simply the BEST in my book!!! - Carol 


Made cinnamon rolls with your flour this morning. They were fantastic.  Everyone said they were the best I ever made. I thought so too. - Teri


We received our sprouted flour yesterday, and have already made rolls. They were wonderful! Looking forward to trying many new recipes. Thank you so much for your customer service. We will certainly be ordering again. - Lynn (happy customer)


I just want to take a minute to thank you for the work you do to help us all gain better health. As a health care professional I so appreciate the lessons I learn from you. My pal, David, and I have been assisting folks with natural health care options,counseling and nutritional supplements (from Standard Process, Inc) for the past 25+ years. We are just beginning to experiment with your wonderful sprouted grains. Your newsletter and recipes are awesome - even our 17 year-old grandson is beginning to "get it". Thanks so very much for all your time and energies.  Peace and health to you and your family. - Sandie & David


Thanks so much! We're just sitting and enjoying some delicious sprouted wheat/spelt banana muffins. We are so thankful for what you do; I was sprouting my own wheat berries (which I will still do on occasion), but we really bake too often to keep up with our family's demand for flour! So, thank you so much for providing us with the best! - Rebekah 


I received my first sprouted flour order yesterday, I was so excited to try it, but to be honest a little worried that the bread would not be any good.  I used the bread machine recipe and lets just say, was blown away with the results.  It taste so unbelievable and not dry at all!  So THANK YOU!!!  I am a convert for sure to sprouted grains. - Emily


Hi, I received my first order last week and just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE your products! We've been eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning - never before would I have said that oatmeal could be so amazing, but it absolutely is. I made some really simple scones with the sprouted white whole wheat, and my husband went totally crazy for them. The freshness and quality are just so apparent, so that the simplest foods can be a wonderfully delicious experience! Thank you for your commitment to such amazing quality. I am so grateful to have found you! - Jennifer


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