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April means Easter, full-on springtime, and longer days. Spring break comes around for many in April, too. With so much activity, this month’s recipes represent quick and fresh.


There are lots of “plant-based” milks that are trending as popular alternatives to dairy, so I’m sharing a couple of sprouted milk recipes you may want to try for added digestibility, great taste, and powered-up nutrition.


I have a FABULOUS surprise for you beginning in May. I can’t say what it is, but you don’t want to miss May’s newsletter and be sure to check our web site’s home page May 1st. You’ve been waiting for this event to roll around and it’s coming early this year AND will stick around a while.


Happy Baking!











Brits refer to blenders as "liquidizers” – and rightly so. Their shape – generally narrower at the base than the top – combines with gravity to pull ingredients down into the blades, liquefying or at least turning them into fairly smooth purees. Use them mainly for smoothies, soups, sauces, and other things that are more liquid than solid.


Food processors are more like food choppers. When fitted with the standard chopping blade, they throw food out to the sides of the work bowl, creating a chunkier texture. They work best when the ingredients don’t vary widely in size, aren’t too wet to begin with, and when you need them minced or chopped rather than pureed. Use food processors for mincing meat for sausage, chopping gobs of onions, crushing graham crackers, or pulsing beans for hummus.


Notable exceptions: Blenders often create finer and fluffier bread crumbs than food processors do from crusty old bread. And food processors that have a drip-through oil dispenser in the top chute are a bit more convenient than blenders for making pesto.



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