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Choosing a Sprouted Flour Brand That's Right for You

With the increasing demand for sprouted grain products, there are several new sprouted grain brands on the market today. Without national standards to determine what makes a grain a sprouted grain, you should be assured your brand is truly sprouting their flour.

Check out these tips from To Your Health founder, Peggy Sutton, on how to choose a sprouted flour brand that's right for you.

June Sprouted Savings

Our most popular organic, sprouted, gluten-free flour, brown rice flour, is a great choice if you're looking for a G-F flour for breads and other baked goods. And organic, sprouted, gluten-free yellow corn meal is a pantry staple. Save 25% off both of these products using the coupon code "gfsummer".

But the savings don't stop there. Sprouted black beans and sprouted black bean flour are also 25% off this month!

Try something new today. With 25% off, you'll be glad you did!​ USE COUPON CODE "gfsummer" at checkout.

These offers are valid only in the continental United States, and do not apply to wholesale orders.


RECIPE: Sprouted Quinoa & Sprouted Black Bean Burgers

Eat Right: The Complete Guide to Traditional Foods, with 130 Nourishing Recipes and Techniques

by Nick Barnard

Have you seen this new book from our friend Nick Barnard?

​This comprehensive guide will show you how to find true nourishment and pleasure in the discovery, preparation and eating of real food and drink. It's not about fashionable dieting or being anxious about food choices, it's about positive eating.

Techniques include making your own butter, yogurt, ghee, lard, broth, dairy and water kefir, kombucha, coconut water, kimchi, sauerkraut, sourdough, as well as sprouting grains and activating nuts and seeds. And there are also 100 wholesome recipes that encourage the use of good animal fats, well-fed meat, sprouted grains, local and seasonal produce, which will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. This is an easy book to dip into for advice, inspiration and truly health-giving recipes.


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