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Organic Sprouted Einkorn Flour

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Of the major food allergens in the US, EU, and/or Canada, only Wheat, Almonds, and Sesame are present in the scope of products processed at To Your Health. All To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.’s facilities are certified organic and kosher certified. Click here to read our Allergen Statement.

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100% whole grain flour. Often referred to as the “original wheat”. Neutral taste. Resembles pastry flour. Sensational for light textured baked goods.

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1 lb., 5 lb., 25 lb., 48 lb.

4 reviews for Organic Sprouted Einkorn Flour

  1. T Lee

    I love this flour! It is an all-purpose flour in my household. I've used it in almost everything with great success. It makes wonderfully light, fluffy pancakes and delicious muffins. I've even made pizza crust with it. It is a little dense for that, but it still tasted great. Came on to reorder (again!) and thought I'd leave a review. 🙂

    • toyourhealth

      Thank you so much! Feel free to share your recipes, if you like, and we will post them to the website.

  2. J Diamond (verified owner)

    I bought this to make bread (total novice) and last night I decided to try making carrot cake with it. I used olive oil for the oil as I don't like vegetable oil and it was recommended. The cake turned out exceptionally moist and flavorful and I've not even added the frosting yet - which in the past was my favorite part - so now I'm trying my 1st loaf of bread but I'm certain I'll love it. I'm so happy to have a healthy source of a flour that's healthy, sprouted and TASTY above all. Thanks for the great offering. Do you offer a larger size for frequest baking?

    • toyourhealth

      Thank you so much for your review! We love hearing about the different sprouted einkorn recipes people are raving about! TYH Sprouted Einkorn Flour comes in 1 lb, 5 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb bags.

  3. Kevin (verified owner)

    I have tried this in biscuit and cornbread recipes. The addition of Einkorn flour has made the sprouted bread recipes lighter than sprouted wheat and cornmeal recipes, and the taste was excellent. Be prepared, the color of baked goods was darker than normal, but the texture and taste was fantastic. I can not wait to try this in my "this it it" yeast bread recipe.

  4. Monica (verified owner)

    I made my first chocolate cake with this flour and it was so delicious, after that I made another with white normal flour and not really good, so I realized that this flour is so delicious!!♥♥♥ thank you Healthyflour I love you♥♥♥

    • abstewart

      Thank you, Monica. Einkorn is one of my favorites as well. Happy Baking!

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