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Organic Sprouted Rolled Oats

(24 customer reviews)


Of the major food allergens in the US, EU, and/or Canada, only Wheat, Almonds, and Sesame are present in the scope of products processed at To Your Health. All To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.’s facilities are certified organic and kosher certified. Click here to read our Allergen Statement.


Gluten-Free 100% whole grain. By far our most popular gluten-free product. Dry-rolled to maintain enzymes produced during sprouting. Delicious oatmeal when you are ready. No need to soak them overnight. Great for granola and cookies, too.

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24 reviews for Organic Sprouted Rolled Oats

  1. Katie

    These have such a sweet, oaty aroma and taste great, but the hull is so thick and hard to get past. I know they're trying to preserve the nutrients, but I think some steaming, partial dehulling, and/or rolling thinner is in order. You can't get the nutrients if you can't chew it. I don't know how they make the standard rolled oats, but that's what I wish these were like. These are more like cracked oats than rolled oats.

  2. Pat (verified owner)

    I originally bought some of these to use in baking. They are a delicious addition to quick breads like banana bread or apple spice bread. Also I've used them to make a yeast bread that combines sprouted red wheat flour with some sprouted oat flour....a recipe based on Peter Reinhart's multigrain straun (from his "Whole Grain Breads"). We didn't try them for a hot cereal until I'd already learned to love their texture and flavor in the breads. They needed more water than I had been accustomed to using with conventional rolled oats, so we had to keep adding hot water as they cooked. But the result were delicious...the nutty flavor of oats in a nicely textured hot cereal that was soft but not mushy. They may have taken a few minutes longer to cook than usual with rolled oats but I lost track in my focus on getting enough water added to keep them cooking properly. Certainly the whole process was not longer than 10-12 minutes.

  3. Maija (verified owner)

    I'd never been a fan of oatmeal before, found it slippery and tasteless. I put these oats in a mason jar with ingredients of choice and boiling hot water to soak for 15 minutes, and love the result: chewy texture, great flavor, super easy meal.

  4. James (verified owner)

    The best rolled oats my family has ever eaten. They actually have flavor and texture. Whenever family visits they request "those special Oats" that we fix.We went to reorder once when they were out of stock and no one in the household would any other kind.

  5. Stephen

    The review requesting the oats to be super-processed is confusing to me. These are amazing! When cooked properly, the texture is wonderful, and they have such a robust, nutty flavor. My 12 year old daughter and I love the sprouted oats for breakfast, but I bet they would be great in soups and other recipes too!

  6. Amber (verified owner)

    When I first switched to these rolled oats for my family's "energy bars," everyone immediately clamored about how delicious the bars were - and I hadn't told them there was anything different!! Rich and delicious - and best of all, organic and sprouted!

  7. Lisa (verified owner)

    These oats are delicious! We have been trying to follow the Weston A. Price diet and had previously soaked our oats for 24 hours. These did NOT taste amazing. In fact, they were sour, and we were not fans. Then **trumpet fanfare** we tried these fantastic sprouted oats, no soaking required, and these are so tasty that my kids ask for oatmeal for supper! I feel blessed to be able to buy sprouted oats that are both gluten free and organic as well as taste amazing!

    • toyourhealth

      Your **trumpet fanfare** made us smile! Thank you for sharing such kind words. We hope you will continue to enjoy!

  8. Leah Mack (verified owner)

    These oats have changed my life! I used to have a stress attack in the morning if I had failed to soak any grains for breakfast. Now I just simmer these in a bunch of milk and we have a super-quick, Super easy healthy breakfast that both my kids and I love. The flavor is fabulous and they feel so nourishing. Also, I can make sprouted granola without all the hassle of soaking, dehydrating, and rolling the oats first like I used to have to do. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to buy raw oats anywhere as 99% are heat treated before sale to prevent accidental sprouting, in which case soaking them is not very helpful anyway. Thank you for this awesome product!

    • toyourhealth

      Well, thank you for your awesome review. We are happy they have you feeling SPROUTASTIC!

  9. HonestOmnivore (verified owner)

    I've been using these rolled oats in breads, but this morning I made a pot of oatmeal in an attempt to add some variation to my omelet yogurt omelet cycle... I added some PB Fit to the boiling water when I added the oats. SO GOOD! Following my Midwest heritage, I did add some salt and a little sugar, and I stirred in some fresh red raspberries that were on the verge of going bad after the oats were cooked. It was a lovely pb&j experience and so far I seem to be functioning fine on this carbohydrate start to my day! I will be adding oatmeal back into my breakfast routine for the first time since I left home in the late 80s! YUM

    • abstewart

      I love this recipe idea following the standard PB&J! I will be trying this over the weekend. Thank you for sharing -Alli

  10. Sylvia W. Zook, MS, PhD

    I find soaking these organic sprouted rolled oats for two hours or overnight in milk or water works great for my delicious carob/cocoa oatmeal cookies. This recipe will appear in the next edition of "Eatin' After Eden."

    • abstewart


      Thank you for sharing your recipe. We look forward to seeing it!

  11. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have been buying these oats for a few years now. My family (husband and two small boys) like their oatmeal cooked for exactly 3.5 minutes... I figured there was no way they were able to digest such under-cooked oats and that's how I found these! We have LOVED them, I generally buy a 25lb and between breakfast and granola bars we finish it in less than six months. This time around, however, the oats are much more finely rolled, there is a lot of fine powder in them. It has resulted in a texture more like traditional oatmeal (slimy and mushy), and my family will not eat them. I haven't used them in bars yet, I assume the new texture won't make those inedible. I have sifted a few cups to see if taking the powder out will make the texture closer to what they're used to, if not I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the new oats.. And frankly, I'm not sure I want to sift 25lbs of anything anyway!!

    • abstewart

      Michelle, I am so sorry to read that you had this issue. We had an issue with a batch coming in too dry which resulted in the you spoke of. This has been corrected now and we hope you will continue to enjoy our sprouted rolled oats in the future. ✌?️❤️?

  12. Doris (verified owner)

    This is the best oatmeal I've ever had! I cooked it the way I usually cook oatmeal (recipe follows) and it was perfect. Oatmeal is something I normally eat only once in a while, but I've had this 3 days in a row, including dinner tonight. It's that good.

    For one serving, this recipe is good if you tolerate dairy well:
    1. Melt a pat of butter of medium+ heat, sprinkle with cinnamon when melted.
    2. When fragrant, add the oatmeal (1/3 or 1/2 cup, depending on how hungry I am), stir and toast over heat 2 to 3 min. This will bring out some extra sweetness, which I need because I don't add sugar.
    3. Add liquid, 3 parts to 1 part oatmeal, i.e. 1 cup for 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1.5 cups for 1/2 cup oatmeal. I always use milk or milk + water combo for the liquid.
    4. Simmer on low for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally in a good nonstick pan, otherwise stir often scraping the sides and bottom with a silicon spatula for a "stick" pan.

    • abstewart

      Thank you so much for sharing your recipe, Doris. If you have Instagram, check out the creations that @shutthekaleup come up with using our sprouted rolled oats. She's a big fan too! ✌?️❤️?

  13. LINDA (verified owner)

    I love these oats! Had never been a big fan but now I am, every morning. I have as hot cereal or baked bars. I am finishing my first 5lb bag, purchased locally, and have just ordered more oats & also the baking mix. Thanks for such great products!

  14. Joan (verified owner)

    These oats are wonderful! After trying various methods of sprouting and cooking oat groats I was ready to just give up as I didn't care for the taste or texture of whole groats. I cook these up in my rice cooker, 1 Zoj cup of oats and 1 3/4 water on white rice setting. Add salt, sweetener and whatever else after cooking. Thanks for solving my oat dilemma, any plans on adding sprouted steel cut oats?

    • abstewart

      Thank you for sharing your recipe, Joan. If you have an Instagram account and enjoy trying new recipes, you should follow @shutthekaleup . She is always doing fun things with our sprouted rolled oats. -Alli

  15. Debbie Campbell

    I make and sell Granola and Granola bars. I have been using Quaker Old Fashioned oats but want to make my granola healthier. Has any one else used these oats for granola? I need them to be large sized without a lot of powder or hill- is that what I will be getting?

    • abstewart

      Hi Debbie, We use our Sprouted Rolled Oats to make granola weekly and we are very pleased with the results. No, you will not find a lot of powder in a bag of our sprouted rolled oats. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at -Alli

  16. oatmeal lover

    These are the very best oats I have ever eaten! I have to avoid gluten so I need to be careful to buy a brand that is nót cross contaminated. These are very delicious and have not caused any bad reactions. I am hooked!

  17. Leslie (verified owner)

    Oatmeal is my favorite food ever! I haven't missed a day without oatmeal in 20 years! I take a bag with me whenever I travel just in case and will someone's heat it up in the coffee pot at hotels. I'm that obsessed:) This oatmeal is slightly different, nuttier, and it is the best I have ever had:) to save time in the morning, and because I like a little mushier texture, I soak it overnight, cook it for just a minute or two in the morning. Love love love!

  18. Tony

    I usually just soak organic rolled oats overnight ,in the morning I just add milk and eat them . No cooking.

    Has anyone out there done that with these Oats.
    I noticed on the package it says cook thoroughly.
    Also one reviewer described more these as cracked than rolled oats

    Appreciate any feedback, Thanks

  19. Nikki Cook (verified owner)

    Love these. The first time I made granola with these oats my husband couldn't stop commenting on how great it was - he especially loved the texture.

    • abstewart

      Thank you!

  20. 4ONLYSTUFF (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE these sprouted rolled oats! Prepared according to package directions to cook up some very yummy breakfast porridge - adding unpeeled diced apples [from our own trees] and replacing part of the water with organic, unfiltered apple juice. So good!

  21. julie

    hi. Can i just soak these in almond milk etc overnight and use as overnight oats? or do they need to be cooked?

    • abstewart

      Hi Julie,

      We have several Instagram followers who make sproutastic overnight sprouted oats recipes!

  22. Nikki (verified owner)

    These oats are fabulous! I used to make soaked granola, but I use this now and don't have to soak. My husband loves the texture of these more than any other oats we have tried 🙂

  23. kdove (verified owner)

    These are excellent! I never could master the habit of soaking oats overnight for morning oatmeal. These eliminate that need. As others mentioned, I preferred the texture of these over my traditional rolled oats. Slightly chewy, hearty, just seemed overall more tasty (fresher, maybe?) though I'm a big fan of oatmeal in general. I've also noticed improved digestion after making this switch.

  24. CB

    Have been buying these for months now and have not been disappointed. We eat oatmeal nearly every morning. We usually add cinnamon, zucchini, berries, nuts or pumpkin seeds and a few dark chocolate chips. So good! I cook them differently than the instructions say. I put the oats and water in at the same time on high and turn to medium when they come to a boil. They cook so fast that way! Perfect oatmeal. I haven't timed it but it seems like 10 min or maybe even less.

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