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Organic Sprouted Kamut Flour

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Of the major food allergens in the US, EU, and/or Canada, only Wheat, Almonds, and Sesame are present in the scope of products processed at To Your Health. All To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.’s facilities are certified organic and kosher certified. Click here to read our Allergen Statement.

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100% whole grain flour. Another ancient grain with a rich, buttery taste. High in protein. Great for breads and crackers. Use alone or mix with other flours.



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2 reviews for Organic Sprouted Kamut Flour

  1. Hilary

    I love to try ancient grains and especially love this kamut flour! It has great color!

  2. Kalyani Kompella (verified owner)

    I make Indian flatbreads with this flour (roti/chapati, paratha) and it is outstanding for both ease of handling and flavor. These are probably the best Indian flatbreads ever, with such superior taste and nutrition!

    • abstewart

      Thank you so much for your SPROUT-tastic review. ✌🏼❤️🌱, Alli Stewart

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