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Organic Sprouted Popcorn

(9 customer reviews)


Of the major food allergens in the US, EU, and/or Canada, only Wheat, Almonds, and Sesame are present in the scope of products processed at To Your Health. All To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.’s facilities are certified organic and kosher certified. Click here to read our Allergen Statement.


Could it get any better than this? America’s favorite gluten-free snack has sprouted!! Superb taste. Tested in stove-top pot, electric popper, air popper, open fire, and microwave.

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9 reviews for Organic Sprouted Popcorn

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    This year, we've tried 3 different popcorns, 2 of them heirloom types and the 3rd is this one from To Your Health. We were amazed that corn that had been wet and sprouted could still be popping corn. And really delicious popping corn, too. The popped kernels are light and veryveryvery crisp and have a delicious taste of corn. Something in the sprouting process has released a wonderfully corn-y taste along with differences in texture. I hope you'll try it and find it as delightful as we do. In addition to making popped corn, I have ground some of the organic sprouted popcorn to use in baking. I wanted a coarse cornmeal to use along with the regular To Your Health yellow corn flour. The ground popcorn has a wonderful aroma that I had never expected from a cornmeal. If you are grinding your own grains for cooking, I hope you'll give this popcorn a try for baking as well as for snacks.

    • toyourhealth

      Thank you, Pat! What a great idea with the cornmeal. We look forward to trying this.

  2. Monica (verified owner)

    We recently received our sprouted popcorn and I finally decided to give it a go today. I was skeptical at first so I bought the smallest bag to use as a test but wow! I am SO pleased! I am putting in another order today for several more pounds. You cannot tell it's sprouted from the appearance and frankly, the taste is no different from other high end popcorns. The HUGE benefit here though is not consuming corn directly as it behaves as an anti-nutrient. Sprouting it turns it into a healthy vegetable and that makes it a guilt free snack. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

  3. Gabe (verified owner)

    The search is over! This is by far the best tasting popcorn I have ever had. It has so much flavor that you barely need any salt. I will be buying more!

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    How are people cooking this? I've tried my usual stove top method (covered ceramic coated cast iron pot with a tablespoon of ghee) and it doesn't pop very well. It's very dense and chewy and about half of the kernels don't pop. Is it too hot? Am I using too much oil? Are others having this problem? Would love to love this product but need some direction.

    • abstewart


      Thank you for reaching out to us. First, I soak my popcorn in water for about 5-6 minutes then dry on a dish towel. My favorite popping is in a metal bowl on the stovetop over medium-low heat. I add about a teaspoon of coconut oil and salt and pepper then cover with 2 layers tin foil and cut about 20 1-inch slits in the top. I shake it with tongs until the popping is a few seconds apart. Also, have you seen our How-To Videos?

      I hope this helps. Please be in touch if you have any other questions.


  5. Joselle Monarchi (verified owner)

    This sprouted popcorn is by far our favorite!! It has a great corn taste, it is very dense and chewy. We like the fact that it counts as a vegetable even on my Weight Watchers diet. Because of it's denseness we did find it tends to burn a little in our air popper. However, that was before we watch to video on line and learned that we should soak it for 5-6 minutes. So we will try that tonight!!!!

  6. Tina Blake (verified owner)

    The absolute BEST popcorn I have ever tasted!! It is so worth the extra steps to soak and dry the corn. I bought it because it is sprouted, but I will repurchase because it's delicious!!

  7. Tracey

    I used this popcorn straight out of the bag into my air popper. Then I read people are soaking.... Am I suppose to soak? What I had, bag to air popper with no soaking was DELICIOUS Best popcorn I have ever had.

  8. Miriam

    Tastes very good. Olive or grape seed oil in a preheated cast iron wok with a cast iron Dutch oven lid on top works well. No shaking necessary because of the shape of the wok. I keep it on high heat until the popping frequency slows, then turn it down. When all popping stops, quickly turn it off and transfer to a bowl so it can't burn. It didn't pop as well as at first, after several months at room temperature. Probably need to keep it in the fridge if not used up soon. Please sell organic sprouted pop corn flour!

  9. Kyla Presnell (verified owner)

    I have used organic popping corn for a number of years but decided I would order the 1# bag just to see what was the difference. I use a combination of palm oil shortening from Israel and olive oil lightly seasoned as my "butter" so decided to use that to pop the corn. Following the package directions to heat pan, oil, and kernels at a medium heat, it popped very well but were smaller and crispier pieces of pop-corn which I LOVED!!! But since I did not know if that was due to my choice of seasoned-oils I made a batch with regular organic pop-corn and it came out normally so then I knew the sprouted pop-corn made the difference 🙂 I like the flavor as well as the crispiness; I have always loved the "old maids" left from the regular popping corn, and I noticed that it didn't have any negative effects to my digestive system which I would get slightly from the regular popping corn (slightly bloated and some burping). I will now order the 5# bag when I place my next order! I am so glad Yehovah-God led me to this product.

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