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Sprouted Flour has Big Impact on Consumer & Commercial Baking

The popularity of sprouted grains and flours has seen a big boost over the last couple of years, so much so that The Washington Post is citing “sprouted everything” as one of the biggest food trends for 2017. It’s likely you’ve heard by now that sprouted grains are better for you than traditional grains and in case you’ve forgotten why exactly this is the case, here’s a little recap...

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This award-winning granola is a great snack that’s really good for you. All of the nuts, seeds, and grains in this delicious granola are sprouted! Certified organic and gluten-free.

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These delicious muffins are easy and fast, a perfect way choice for our organic sprouted gluten-free baking mix, or organic sprouted ancient grain baking mix. Both mixes are 15% off this month!

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Hi Peggy,

I just had to write you about all the fun breads I've been making with your delicious, nutritious sprouted flour.

I just made an awesome jalapeno & sharp cheddar cheese. Right before that was a Rosemary bread that was out of this world. I've made carrot and pecan. My best friend loves apricot and pecan bread. But my all-time favorite is mostly rye with molasses and cocoa - perhaps pumpernickel but not so sweet? I love its dark denseness. But there's nothing like the simple spelt with poppy seeds. Mmmmmm.

My favorite thing to do is go to one of those recipe sites... and read the ways other people tweak the recipes.

The bread machine is so forgiving of my mistakes! I don't use much sweetener, just honey if anything so I was worried that my bread was staying so flat because the yeast didn't have enough sweet to eat. But investing in a bag of SAF yeast has helped the rise tremendously. That stuff is awesome.

Also, following all the kneading and rising and right before the baking, I'll actually take the dough ball out and shape it so that it's pretty and smooth and perfectly oblong. Then put it in right in the middle of the machine. That guarantees an even-looking loaf!

I learn something with every loaf. And Jim, my husband, keeps telling me I haven't cooked a bad one yet. This bread making has been the "funnest" thing I've done in my kitchen so far...

Thanks so much!

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